Tuesday, November 29, 2005


- YOU - Basil Valdez

You give me hope
the strength and will to keep on
No one else can make me feel this way
And only you can bring out all the best I can do
I believe you turn the tide
and make me feel real good inside

You push me up
When I'm about to give up
You're on my side
When no one seems to listen
And if you go, you know the tears can't help but show
You break this heart and tear it apart
and suddenly the madness starts

It's your smile, your face, your lips that I miss
Your sweet little eyes that stare at me
And make me say, I'm with you through all the way
Coz it's you who fills the emptiness in me
It changes everything you see
When I know I've got you with me


Song that I used to sing when I fall in love... huhuhuhu.. it's been a long time a go and I not even bored to listen it over and over again..

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