Thursday, January 12, 2006

THE last first impression

Adakah sedikit kebenaran pada kalimat “the first impression that count”, budaya kita Indonesia sungguh sudah menjadi demikian campur dan terpengaruh oleh philosophy barat dimana kita sampai pada titik where we would blindly follow and believe, what the west told us to be..

And they say the first impression that count, some how I refuse to believe such nonsense.., because if it's true, there's no such thing is second chance, second chance of making an impression to the girl you like, to the brother you look up, to the leader you admire and to the one you loves…

No I will not believe… and I believe in the last impression ..

Where one are judge not by there first masterpiece but by there last..

Is how they well be remember before they die…

Just like Adolph Hitler are remember as. Just like the end of a movie, is the most important part.


  1. kaka, aku mau follow teh gak ketemu. tempat follownya dimana ya???

  2. hi zee... makasih udah mampir ^^
    utk jadi follower, bisa klik dibagian kanan bawah dari blog ini


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